Crude Oil

Crude oil, also known as 'black gold' is the main raw material in fuel and gasoline.Fuel and gasoline are the most important energy sources in the world. At present, oil is not only the largest in the global trade of goods, it is one of the most important global financial assets.

Why trade crude oil in TigerWit?

In addition to Brent crude oil and West Texas crude oil, both of which sees the largest trading volume in the world, TigerWit also provides US natural gas contracts.TigerWit wholeheartedly provides the clients with the flexible leverage, competitive point difference advantages and also obtains the quotation data sources from world-leading banks in the financial sector. Meanwhile, it also renders an innovative order following system.

Advantages of TigerWit in crude oil trading

  • Low margin but high earnings

    The trading leverage of crude oil in TigerWit is as high as 50 times, thus consuming less margin. As a result, less investment cost is required, while the leverage can double that of the spot crude oil in China. The formula mode of international spot crude oil per ton is roughly USD 50 *current rate / (converted by 1000*weights and measures), while the cost formula mode of domestic spot crude oil is point difference + current price * 0.12%

  • No commission charge

    No commission charge will be required for crude oil in TigerWit and only point difference will be charged. One lot is equivalent to about USD 50, equaling to 1000 barrels. Then 7.5 barrels equals to 1ton. Thus, it is converted as USD 0.37 /ton, equivalent to RMB 2.3/ton(Real time exchange rate).

  • Easy loss stop

    Loss can be stopped by only one-time setting, which will remain effective on the following day. As a result losses caused by forgetting setting will be greatly reduced.

  • Enter swap processing by data smoothing method.

    Through cooperation with the most authoritative data provider, TigerWit applies the most advanced data smoothing mode in case of swap extension in dominant contract of international crude oil without water loss fees, rather than mandatory liquidation and position opening in China.

  • Follow masters' move

    For inexperienced investors in crude oil trading, the move of the masters in crude oil trading can be followed directly, through which earnings of the same proportion can be realized and the trading risks of beginner investors are also reduced.

How to achieve crude oil trade in TigerWit?

An investor of TigerWit sold one lot of West Texas crude oil (xti/usd) around 15:00 on October 23, platform time of TigerWit at the position of 45.890 by USD 1000.

Around one hour later, the trade was closed at the position of 44.50 around 16:00 on October 23.The earnings obtained by the client is (45.89-44.50)*1000=USD1390, the yield rate of which is 139%.

Introduction to TigerWit energy products

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