Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange Market is one of the world’s largest single markets. In 2018, trading volumes reached $2.04 trillion dollars. It is mostly affected by international trade, national economy, and the policy and influence of investment flows. As a result of this, information for this market is more transparent, prices are fairer, and liquidity is better.

Why trade Foreign Exchange in TigerWit?

TigerWit’s methods of depositing and withdrawing all major currency pairs are processed through simple, quick and safe cash modes. Our Foreign Exchange agreement is flexible, transparent and competitive. We provide a creative order following mode, serving as a bond to link investment master and common investors.

  • 3 kinds of leverage are offered.

    We provide three different kinds of leverage, 100 times, 200 times, 400 times, allowing more flexibility for risk control and cash management requirements.

  • Follow masters' move

    TigerWit provides advanced and creative full-automatic order following system and gathers numerous investment masters with great profit-making capabilities. The investors have the ability to gain the earnings of the same proportion with the masters through following them. Masters can also gain more earnings through increasing their followers continuously.

  • Trading time

    TigerWit offers global trading and also provides financial services for clients continuously except the necessary inter-bank maintenance period per day.

How to achieve foreign exchange trade in TigerWit?

An investor of TigerWit sold one lot (eur/usd) around 10:00 on October 22, platform time of TigerWit at the position of 1.13450 by USD1000.

On the second day, the trade was closed at the position of 1.1100 around 10:00 on October 23. The earnings obtained by the client is (1.13450-1.1100)*100000=USD2450, the yield rate of which is 245%.

Introduction to TigerWit currency pairs

Product code Chinese name Average spread
Leverage Digits Minimum trading volume Per standard lot
Contract volume
Trading time time zone
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TigerWit also provides the trading products of cross currency pairs of the above major currency pairs.
Note: MT4 platform time is GMT + 3 time