What is a swap?
Swaps reflect the interest and financing adjustments applied to a position held overnight. Swaps adjustments may take the form of a credit or a debit to your account, depending on the position held and the direction of the trade. No swaps are applied to trades opened and closed the same day.
When are swap adjustments applied?
Swap rates are calculated at 22:00 UTC and applied to eligible accounts shortly afterwards. If positions are held over a weekend swap rates will increase to reflect that fact.
Where can I check what swap rates TigerWit applies?
Swap details can be found in the product information page of a particular product. Swap rates are normally updated daily and are based on prevailing market rates.
Where can I check what swap fees I have paid or received?
Accumulated swap adjustments are detailed in your 'Trade History on the app in the 'Closed positions' section.